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  • Евгений Ваккер. Фото и видео со сбора на Иссык-Куле

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    Евгений Ваккер

    В конце января мне посчастливилось провести несколько дней на первом сборе Евгения Ваккера на Иссык Куле. В этом году Женя тренировался на байке(Мерида Матс), на байке стояли далеко не байковские звезды, кассеты была явно с шоссейного велосипеда.

    В сборе также участвовал Эркен Хашимович Акрамов, Тренер и Президент Федерации Велоспорта КР.

    У Жени были полноценные тренировочные дни, Тренировки на Шоссе, Бег и Бассеин. Не получилось найти ГоуПро, поэтому непосредственно езду на велосипеде и плавание не снял, только то что мог снять с машины и с земли)

    Смотрим фотографии и видео.

    На фото Евгений Ваккер и Эркен Акрамов.

    Спасибо за внимание, Марат.

    PS: Спасибо Алексею за помощь)

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  • Life Of Speed – Athlete Motivation and Inspiration

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    Life Of Speed - Athlete Motivation and Inspiration by TOHNO

    Ролик был сделан  для популяризации  велоспорта и мотивации людей .  Сделан  на трех языках(русский, казахский, английский).

    Идея ролика принадлежит Эрику Андерсену. В озвучке ролика приняли участие: Сергей Уфимцев и Самат Кордабай.

    Все права на видео и аудио принадлежат их настоящим владельцам.

    Огромная благодарность Эрику Андерсену.

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  • Latest transfer news

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    • Filled in News in English 8 Октябрь 2013, 11:18 (UTC +6), author: Billionaire
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    BAZAYEV, Assan > End career

    FOMINYKH, Daniil (Continental Team Astana) > Astana Pro Team

    IGLINSKIY, Valentin (AG2R La Mondiale) > Astana Pro Team

    KOZHATAYEV, Bakhtiyar (Continental Team Astana) > Astana Pro Team (Rumour )

    Egor Silin > Katusha

    HOOGERLAND, Johnny (Vacansoleil - DCM) > Astana Pro Team (Rumour )

    GRIVKO, Andriy - Extension (2014-2015)

    ZEITS, Andrey - Extension (2014)

    KASHECHKIN, Andrey > ???

    SEELDRAEYERS Kevin > ???

  • Maxim Iglinskiy wins the first Tour of Almaty

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    • Filled in News in English 6 Октябрь 2013, 21:51 (UTC +6), author: Billionaire
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    Next photos by Ярослав Радловский

    Photos by

    Maxim Iglinskiy won the first edition of the Tour of Almaty on Sunday, attacking his 5-man breakaway group with 20km to the finish to cross the line with nobody else in the picture.

    Iglinskiy, who started  the 186km circuit race for the Kazakhstan National Team, rather than his professional Astana Pro Team, finished with a 30-second advantage over Italian rider Sonny Colbrelli, who beat Kazakhstan's Ruslan Tleubayev in an elite group sprint.

    "The organizers put on a very good race for us here today, with a lot of strong international teams who can do really well on a course like this. Our breakaway had some real firepower, but I knew that on the final lap the chasing teams would possibly be able to get across the hill and catch us, so I went out solo to try my legs," Iglinskiy said.

    Alexey Lutsenko was also in Iglinskiy's breakaway, but rode safely behind the remaining trio as insurance against any potentially successful chase by the escapees.

    "Our chances to win a sprint were really good with Alexey, but against so many sprinters it was a risk we didn't need to wait for, so I put in a big effort despite the hot weather. For 20 minutes I suffered, but at the finish all the pain went away and I was so happy to take this win at home," Iglinskiy said.

    Kazakhstan's southern metropolis was slightly warmer than usual on Sunday, with temperatures above 30C and a bright sun. Thousands of fans lined the 31km circuit, while many miliions were able to watch the last hour of competition live on international television.

    Astana Pro Team General Manager Alexandr Vinokurov said Sunday's first ever Tour of Almaty was a great success for international cycling in Kazakhstan.

    "Our dream to develop cycling in Kazakhstan has come a long way in the last two years, but we knew that without a big event at home it would be difficult to bring the action to the fans. Thanks to our sponsor Astana Motors, the Mayor's office in Almaty, the Kazakh Cycling Federation and KazSport TV we got to show our best side today, and we couldn't be happier. Max rode to a beautiful victory, and millions of people got to see Almaty on international television. We are already excited about how we can make it even bigger and better in 2014," Vinokurov said.

    Astana Pro Team PR

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  • Happy New Year Everybody!

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    Жаңа жылыңыз құтты болсын!


    Happy New Year!


    С Новым Годом!

  • Transfers 2012: Astana Pro Team

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    • Filled in News in English 30 Октябрь 2012, 13:37 (UTC +6), author: Demokrat
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    100% Stay:

    ARU Fabio
    BAZAYEV Assan
    BOZIC Borut
    DYACHENKO Alexsandr
    GAVAZZI Francesco
    GRIVKO Andriy
    GRUZDEV Dmitriy
    GUARNIERI Jacopo
    KANGERT Tanel
    KESSIAKOFF Fredrik
    MURAVYEV Dmitriy
    PONZI Simone
    SILIN Egor
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  • “The Guardian” said: Give Olympic champion Alexandr Vinokourov a break

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    • Filled in News in English 31 Июль 2012, 14:39 (UTC +6), author: Скорпс
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    • Tom Copeland, part of the Olympics experts' network
    •, Monday 30 July 2012 18.33 BST

    Kazakhstan rider should be remembered as an exciting cyclist, who rode a good race at London 2012, and not a drugs cheat Alexandr Vinokourov, right, outsprints Rigoberto Urán to win gold in the road race at the London 2012 Games. Photograph: Manan Vatsyayana/AFP/Getty Images

    Saturday's men's cycling road race was one that Britain's Mark Cavendish was tipped to win. The whole country certainly thought he should have done so, but instead it was won by Alexandr Vinokourov, a man the Daily Mail dubbed the "nobody from Kazakhstan".

    But Vinokourov is no nobody. He took the win with an imperious sprint away from his remaining breakaway companion in the final few hundred metres. He had managed the perfect race up until that point and finished it off in the same fashion, leaving nothing to chance. Read the rest of this entry →

  • Happy birthday, Roman!

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    We wish you all the best! We hope all your dreams will come true! Be healthy and wealthy! And the most important we wish you this year wear the pink jersey instead of this white and win ....

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