Vuelta a Castilla y Leon, stage 2

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    “The best, the work of attentive team and has been”

    Photo by Astana Team Communication Department

    The second stage of the Tour of Castilla and Leon was decided on a sprint after a very moved final where the wind caused cuts in the bunch. Astana, with Rabobank, took the initiative and Alberto Contador was always in front. At the end, only Plaza and Marchante, among theorics favorites, lost time, but Contador, after the bad experience of Paris-Nice, might finish happy after a stega of these characteristics. “The best thing was the team's work and taht it has been attentive”, he said.

    “At this stage there has been a bit of everything”, he explained, “with lots of rain, fog and wind. we must be very attentive at all times and the team did a great job. We had to control because 4 riders scape and have caught a pretty big difference, but at the end we have worked with Cervelo, who wanted to keep the leader a looking for a new win at the sprint. At the end”, continued Alberto, “we knew it was windy and we have been very attentive. In the last 20 kilometers we turned left and the wind was favorable from one side. We knew it was going to cut. We have taken the initiative together with Rabobank and both took advantage. At the end I do not know if there have been differences, but the best has been the team's work and taht it has been attentive”.

    Contador is now awaiting the queen stage, arriving at the summit of Morredero, that he doesn’t know. “I'll see how the legs goes tomorrow, but now they are more or less well and I hope to pass a good day. The climb is not too consistent, there are some breaks and it’s not good for me that I don’t know it, but I’ll ask to my teammates. tomorrow is the most important day, of course, although if some of us remaining on a short time, the race will be decided next day on the time trial”, he concluded.

    Astana Cycling Team
    Communication Department

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