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    The Tour Down Under, by Josep Jufré Pou -

    Stage 4: Menu du jour

    Today we had the following “Menu of the day.” To prepare it, we used the following ingredients:

    Ingredients for the stage:

    -          Variable route: tough challenging terrain at first and flat at the end.

    -          Nice temperatures of 32 – 36°.

    -          Not much wind at the start, and very strong in the final kilometers.

    -          Peloton with attacks in the beginning and tension with fans at the finish.

    Preparation and development were as follows:

    Our pals from Euskaltel-Euskadi very active since they got into the escape of the day with two riders, Jonathan Castroviejo and Miguel Mínguez.

    Very rapid speed; helped out by the terrain and the wind. Later we encountered a headwind and, at the end, a crosswind that splintered the group since the strong gusts that were blowing sent more than one of us into the ditch.

    Finally, sprint launched very well by the Columbia team and won with authority again by Mr. André Greipel.

    That’s today’s mail, it went well for me, I expect that if you have the chance to watch the highlights video at BICICICLISMO, it’ll seem like a really fun and exciting stage.


    Josep Jufré Pou


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