All about him: Yuriy Kulishkin

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    Hi All!
    I will tell you today about one more member of the team.
    Have you recognized who is going on to the individual race?

    Of course, this is Yuri Kulishkin.
    There was already an article about him on our site.

    Юрий Кулишкин — боец невидимого фронта Астаны!

    That was interesting and detailed interview, so it is not easy to add something new.
    I can tell with confidence that Yuri is the real friend.
    We have never met before the Tour, we were just in brief correspondence with each other, but he met me as if I were his next of kin, he shared his hotel’s room with me, there was a vacant couch in the room fortunately.
    As they say he “fed and warmed me”. My troubles on the Tour were over as Yuri took care of me! -) You can observe my report in many respects thanks to that person.

    I should notice as well that masseurs and mechanics are the first who wake up in the morning and the last who go to sleep at night on the Tour. All “off-camera” (extra) work is on their shoulders.
    Awakening, quick breakfast.

    After the breakfast masseurs go to bottle water and prepare bags with food for racers.

    This mess must be cleared up. -)

    Perfect order must be in the bus as well.

    Everything is ready for racing.

    Every masseur has his own task after the start. Yura is on duty at the feeding point, and later meets Vino on the finish.

    He waits him with the bag full of dry and clean clothes.
    Yura is the first who gives fresh towel and water to Vino.

    After finish, when all staff arrives to the hotel, Yura’s hotel room turns into massage room. Yura carries with him collapsible massage table which looks like big suitcase when it is folded.
    As I lived in Yura’s room I observed massage process for a few times.
    Yura massaged Vino and Grivko on the Tour 2010.
    Once I was allowed to photograph this action to let all fans to observe it.

    As Vino is player-coach in the team, as well as player-director and player-manager, he holds a meeting regarding next day plans right during the massage.

    Massage lasts for more than an hour.

    Yura is very joyous, cheerful person but during the massage he is very serious.

    Yura is the first assistant for racers before the start.

    He also paves the way into the crowd of fans.

    It is he who takes out the “war-horse” before the start.

    Even the famous racers ask for permission to be photographed next to Yura.


    Yura can tell any story.

    He can charm any girl (there is only one girl in the team actually).

    He has many admirers (I’m a little sorry for them since Yuri is already married ).

    He can keep up conversation in high society .

    It is also Yura’s merit that Contador won lion.

    In all this turmoil Yura finds a spare minute to read and chat with fans.

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