Alberto Contador: “Igor has been very strong”

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    Alberto Contador in the Tour of Castilla and Leon  - “Igor has been very strong”

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    Alberto Contador congratulated today at the winner of the stage, Igor Antón, because he deserved the win after the big stage he did. “Everyone likes to win, but Igor has been very strong”, said Contador about his third place.
    “For me it is a good result”, he continued. “At the end it was 13 seconds, which are not few, but we will see tomorrow how it turns the time trial”. The stage was a fight between four climbers and wind also played it’s role. “Yes, I knew there would be wind, but have also affected the interests of each rider. When I saw how strong Igor attacked, I have been a little more conservative thinking also in the riders I had on my wheel. I was aware of what was happening behind and that Igor does not catch too many seconds”.
    For the time trial, Alberto said he would like “to loose less seconds. It is a short 15 kilometers time trial, and quite hard, that will suit to Igor, but I will try to do what I can”.
    After the Criterium International and allergy problems, Contador has felt much better than in Corsica. “Yes, I went a lot better. Although it is now a worse time, with a rainy day there is a much cleaner ambient”, he said. And about Morredero pass, acknowledged that isn’t one of most beautiful. “I had seen a little it’s profile and people explained it to me. There is not a climb too good for me. It is very hard, but ith too long breaks and there is too much influence of the wind”. Regarding today's rivals, Alberto said that this shows “the high level of this race and how hard this tour is, because we are four pure climbers on the overall”.

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    Jacinto Vidarte
    Jefe de Prensa / Press Officer

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