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    Morning of 25 of July we met in 180 km from Paris.
    The first thing I had seen near the hotel was new yellow bike’s frame of Contador.
    Faustino assembled the new bike from the beginning.

    You will not find any photos of this bike’s assembling in internet because I was the only person with a camera near the bike at that moment.
    Only after the individual race when it was absolutely clear that the yellow T-shirt was with Astana for 100%, the team could brag of the yellow bike as well. There were winner’s name, pistols, Tour’s logotypes on the bike’s frame.

    A motor was not in the bike's frame, I checked personally .

    Faustino did many things by eye without tape-measure as he knew all Contador’s measures by heart. Faustino is high level professional.

    More and more yellow details appeared on the stage, I mean they were of yellow color’s not assembly .-)

    As there wasn’t file on hand, he had to saw.

    Technicians used some interesting lubricant but the tube was without label and I did know the name.

    Connecting-rods were at place.

    The tightening.

    Even bike’s computer was of yellow color.

    Adjustment of hinge required special accuracy.

    Brake handles appeared on the handle bar.

    I was lucky to be the assistant in running of ropes.

    The bike turned out to be beautiful.

    Covering for the handle bar was in 2 layers, the first layer was white, the second one was yellow.

    It was long time decision regarding the color of rubbers on the brake handles – black or yellow, after discussion they decided to make them black as it was more beautiful.

    Even labels on the wheels which glued in the morning had yellow color.

    Traditional photo for memory .

    The bike was taken to the bus.

    Faustino was doing the last settings in 180 кm before the start point.

    Finally racers were delivered and Alberto appeared.

    He saw his new bike for the first time.

    And he was viewing it with interest.

    It’s cool!

    He had something to be proud of.

    All team’s members were proud of Alberto’s achievement.

    No one team had such a bike.

    Faustino was the hero of the day.

    Now the bike should be placed as it was start time soon.

    To be continued.
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