Велокоманда Астана на Туре Фландрии и Туре Страны Басков

  • Тур Фландрии / Ronde van Vlaanderen / Tour of Flanders (Bel)

    Гонщики:Владимир Гусев, Рене Хасельбахер, Сергей Иванов, Аарон Кемпс, ДмитрийМуравьев, Грегори Раст, Михаэль Шор и Томас Вайткус
    Тренера: Ален Галлопан и Вячеслав Екимов

    Тур Страны Басков / Vuelta al Pais Vasco / Tour of Basque Country (Spa)

    Гонщики:Антонио Колом, Альберто Контадор, Крис Хорнер, Максим Иглинский,Даниель Наварро, Бенджамин Новаль, Сержио Паулиньо и Сергей Иванов
    Тренера: Шон Йетс и Андрей Тетерюк

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    Ждем ПОБЕДЫ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mr. Christian Prdhomme

    We are social organization and private person who participate in "formation of healthy mode of life", we are anxious by recent events which connected with bicycle team "Astana", we require an unbiased attitude to the bicycle team from your part.
    We want to remind the chronology of the events:
    Vinokurov got serious injury on the fifth lap of "Tour de France", he was put in 30 stitches, he needed an urgent medical hospitalization, but he refused and continued his participation in this competition. Naturally he used medicine, antibiotics and taking into account the difficulty of injury, he needed blood and perhaps affected at drug test.
    The next Kashechkin A.
    1. The breach of temporary regime of taking blood for drug test.
    2. The process of taking blood is made in laboratory conditions but not in a flat.
    3. The conditions of blood storage and transportation were roughly broken and it may have favorable effect on drug test and it has point of forgery.

    By the way Kashechkin was not accused because of the lack of objective evidence in usage of the drug. The administration of "Astana" keeping international rules, expelled Vinokurov and Kashechkin from bicycle team.

    In 2007 "Astana" made a new policy for anti drug program, and spent 460000 thousand Euro, fired the previous administration of "Astana". Johan Brugneel was invited as a new manager and concluded treaty with Contador and other racers.
    Contador is the winner of the past year racing "Tour de France" and Levi Leipheimer is the prize-winner of bronze medal, in "Discovery" team there were many complimentary words of these sportsmen, but when these racers moved to "Astana" team they began to have problems with drug test. It suggests an idea that "Astana" team doesn't please the organizers and unwilling to take part in "Giro dItalia " and "Tour de France" because nowadays the bicycle team "Astana" remains one of the strongest team in the world and obviously pretends to prizewinning places, it is undesirable for organizers and sponsors to see single team from Asian continent, i.e. Republic of Kazakhstan.

    "Astana" team is an idol for many fans in former Soviet Union and also all over the world because the bicycle team consists of 65 % sportsmen who are from other countries such as Slovak Yanis Brajkovic, Lithuanian Tomas Vaitkus, Portuguese Sergio Pualino, Americans Levi Leipheimer and Chris Horner, Russians Vladimir Gusev, Sergey Ivanov, Spaniards Alberto Contador, Hose Louise Rubera and Binyamin Noval Gonzalez, Antonio Colom and Daniel Navaro, Kazakhstans Andrey Zeits, Roman Kireyev, Berik Kupeshov, Asan Bazaev, Maksim Iglinski, Andrey Mizurev, Dmitriy Muraviev, Sergey Yakovlev, Australian Aoron Kemps, German Andreas Kloden, French Julian Mauzett, Dutchman Kuan de Cort, Austrian Rane Haselbacher, Luxembourgian Benoit Johamin, Swiss Thomas Frei, Steve Morabito, Gregory Rast and Michael Sher. As we can see “Astana”, reminding itself our multinational Kazakhstan and is one of the most international team “Pro-tour”.

    A lot of boys saddled their bicycles, encouraged by the victories of “Astana” team, i.e. Vinakurov and Kashechkin and this fact has an influence on obvious precautions of drug addiction, HIV-AIDS, juvenile crimes, reduction of all sorts of terrorist organizations and other negative consequences which make world community anxious at the present time.
    In this connection we are sure that the first constitution was made in Europe where human rights are strictly kept, it mustn’t have only point of mood and interests of organizers and sponsors. Remember, that the sport events are attentively watched by young generation and You are accountable to them and responsible for your deeds.
    We express our protest which relates to non-participation of “Astana” in Giro dItalia " and "Tour de France", we hope for favorable outcome of the decision of this matter.
    Otherwise we shall have to draw world community’s attention to this fact. Now an application is being prepared for all sorts of world organization such as United Nations Organization, European court and other legal institutions. Gathering adherents of many countries in supporting of “Astana” team, we form dishonorable image to world community of such projects as "Gyro Italy " and "Tour de France".
    We hope for comprehension and further collaboration with YOU.

    Yours sincerely OO “Dvizhenie”, coordinator Disonov Nurlan.

    на каждого Прююдома
    найдется свой Кутузов!
    напаминаю 9 апреля начинаем акцию!

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    Объяснять ему про Каша и Вино,.. ?? ну незнаю,..я подозреваю, что это было сделано по указке Прю!!!
    Прямо напиши ему, что несоблюдение правил взятия допинг проб, лишает доверия лабораторию, и такие анализы не могут считаться объективными.
    И задай вопрос каким образом результаты анализа стали известны на следующий день Экипу !!??

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