Tour-report of Alexandr Gordeyev

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    Hi All!
    Today I arrived to France.

    I spent 10 minutes for car rent registration, 40 minutes of straying in Toulouse, 2 hours of driving highway and finally I was in team’s location .

    I parked near the car of the guy in yellow T-shirt-))

    Astana, Katyusha, SaxoBank и LiquiGas stayed in the same hotel today.
    The first thing I saw when entered the hall was meeting of the first secretary of Kazakhstan embassy in France Mеls Torekeldi.

    I phoned Yura Kulishkin, he met me as if I was his family’s member, he invited me for dinner where I tried different meals with team’s personnel. Racers already had a dinner earlier. The dinner was over in the Kazakhstanian’s circle with French wine.

    After the long flight I was out of energy for making photos, I’m sorry for briefness and poor quality, I promise to do my best tomorrow.

    Alexander Gordeyev.
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