PR. Valentin Iglinskiy’s Speeding

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    Last Tuesday at 9pm, Valentin Iglinskiy got a speeding fines in Nice and was stoped by the french police.

    Here are the facts proven in this case:

    - Speeding: Valentin was driving at 203km/h on highway

    - Blood alcohol positive: Valentin had a rate of 0.64 mg of alcohol per liter of air exhaled.

    - Test drugs negative: The saliva test of Valentin was negative.

    Regarding his discussion with the police, their might be some misunderstanding, because Valentin can't understand and speak french, english or italian correctly. The team was astonished to learn that he signed a legal paper with statements in french, while he can't understand, speak and read this language.

    As stated above, the test drugs was negative, and Valentin Iglinskiy refutes the statements of French radio RTL that says he was tested positive for cocaine. Valentin was then submitted by the police in a blood test and a urine test and the results are not yet revealed. For its part, the UCI came yesterday morning at the home of Valentin and did a blood test, the results of this test is not yet known. We will communicate these results as soon as we know them.

    Also, Alexandre Vinokourov rejects the information stated in French Radio RTL that Valentin was just leaving his house, this is totally wrong, they didn't spend the evening together.

    Also the Radio RTL stated that Valentin Iglinskiy, was engaged in Tour de France 2011, this is another mistake made by the french radio, because he never took part in this edition of Tour de France.

    The team was really shocked to learn that the case was released to the press and that incorrect statements were published while no official result has yet been provided. The Pro Team Astana has the right to take legal action against any inaccurate communication on this matter and will communicate officially on the matter after the official results of blood tests are known. Pending these results, Valentin Iglinskiy rejects the use of any drugs and would like to publicly apologize for this speeding with an alcohol level above the averag

    Astana Pro Team
    Communication Department
    Blandine Roquelet

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