PR: Alexandre Vinokourov Reacts

  • After discovering that bad intentioned people used his name on Twitter, Alexandre Vinokourov has just discovered in an interview with a Swiss journalist that his emails have been hacked.

    This invasion of privacy is a new episode of the pressure and personal attacks that the Kazakh leader suffered in recent years. "I do not understand why some people are always looking to find some stories about me, says Alexandre Vinokourov. I am a cyclist and there is no place in our sport for the gutter press. I don't ever allow myself to attack anyone personally. I wish to finish my career quietly even though obviously it bothers some people that I'm still on a bike. "

    Team Astana rider who politically committed to support the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for future elections in his country, reserves the right to complain in court if new press articles about his private life should be published in the future

    Astana Pro Team

    Communication Department

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