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    Peloton finished finally, everybody congratulated Astana on victory.
    Podium appeared on avenue des Champs-Élysées in a few minutes.
    It started…
    Cavendish as the stage’s winner was rewarded the first. He flew on the podium like a shot as it should be for the fastest one.

    He didn’t cry on that day.

    Petacchi was rewarded the next . He got the Green jersey nevertheless.

    Charteau – come on, let’s dress it…

    All racers appeared on the podium in running shoes, only Charteau appeared in cycling shoes, with creeper he probably wanted to be higher than girls.-)

    Schleck excelled among youth , that's evident as he is a boy yet and doesn’t pay attention to girls.

    Chavanel is the real frenchman, was kissing accordingly.

    Alberto rejoiced as a baby and just flew on the podium.

    Contador is in Astana’s jersey! He is the WINNER!

    Alberto nevertheless sympathizes with ladies of middle age, but Cameron Dias was not among congratulators today.

    Contador is invincible.



    Oh, what a good-looking girl!

    The best three races were invited to podium.
    You should practice , guy.

    Hey guys, it’s my place today.

    Hi Tour de France!

    Team RadioShack became the best team and Armstrong was at the head of them on the podium.

    Menshov has good leg , we need to take him to Astana

    All jerseys are on the podium. Sharto has two jerseys now.

    Will Armstrong be the winner of le Tour 2011?

    It is a secreeeeeet.-)

    Teams’ parade started after reward ceremony. One by one teams raced on avenue des Champs-Élysées for the last time on this Tour.

    It seems Rabobank for the last time on the Tour in general.-(

    Menya nevertheless has good leg .-) I congratulated him on his third place with all my heart.

    At the same time Contador were giving winning interview right at the side of the Tour.

    Katusha went by.

    Contador smiled from the heart.

    Liquigas-Doimo is with a rank of talented racers, pay attention to Roman.

    Vasiliy also needs to be taken to Astana

    These were the last meters of the Great Armstrong on avenue des Champs-Élysées to the tremendous applause.

    Saxobank is on the parade of teams. Please draw attention to the right top corner of the photo, the older Schleck is in jeans, with broken collar bone, on the bike.

    Andy is lifting up Spartak’s hand.

    Astana closed the parade, surrounded with huge quantity of journalists.

    After that walking started on avenue des Champs-Élysées. Racers stopped and autographed fans.
    Wigins took to drink.-)

    Alberto lowly greeted public.

    Vino carried Kazakhstan flag proudly.

    Armstrong put his signature on somebody’s yellow jersey.

    That's it, time to go home.

    Tour de France 2010 is over !
    My story is not over yet. Ceremonial dinner of winners where I was kindly invited will follow then.

    To be continued.
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