New stuff in Astana official web-store

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    Astana's Twitter informed us about new stuff in Astana official web-store  - one more Long-sleeve shirt, hoodie and women T-shirt. I don't know could anybody imagine any students or engineers who would go to university or to work in this clothing?
    Why all logos and titles are too enormous big? Look at Johan or riders in team jackets and fleeces, small logos are much better and not too flashy! OK, maybe if you go to support your team during a race - big logo on t-shirt is acceptable, but for casual apparel when you just want to say that you're Astana fan - seems like you're a clown in circus.
    Why it's impossible just launch for free sale all this super cool apparel like on pictures above?!!

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    KazakhNeRider Russia (Editor) on 3 Март 2009, 08:59:

    From twitter: TeamAstana to @KazakhNeRider We are working on a line of shirts that have a smaller logo

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    How can I buy these products?
    Shop, price?
    I live in Aktau, Mangistau region.
    It’s a good advertisement for Astana Team,
    and I’m sure many patriotic men will buy them.
    Not only to show that they are fans of Astana,
    but to show that this is a KZ team.
    Best regards!

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    Alexei Moldova (Editor) on 17 Март 2009, 14:26:

    AZRET, official Astana Cycling Team store

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    Всё это вы можете сделать сами очень легко.
    1.Вам нужно скачать лого Астаны на сайте или ещё где-нибудь.
    2.Найти ателье, где есть машинка, работающая от компъютера. Таких ателье уже очень много.
    3.Выбрать одежду, на которой вы хотите сделать лого: футболка, рубашка, куртка, брюки, кепка, да хоть рюкзак.
    Всё, через 1 час вы можете забрать эту вещь с логотипом и надписями любого размера очень хорошего качества с сочетанием любых цветов. Можете заказать на всю семью (или команду)..

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    does anyone know were i can buy this hoody from?
    thanks 😉

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