Laurenzo Lapage’s declaration

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    The sport manager Laurenzo Lapage’s declaration

    1. What is your feeling on the stage today?
    “Today everything went well, finally a quiet day, with a good weather! The start of the race was not too stressful, and the fact of not wearing the pink jersey allows the team to release the pressure.”

    2. How you have filled the loss of three additional riders?
    “Yesterday there were 3 riders who quitted, it's unfortunate, but that's how it often happens in the long races, after the first 10 days, some riders are too tired to continue. And this is understandable especially with the bad weather conditions that have occurred since the start of the Giro.”

    3. Is this what you expected final sprint, with Vino in the lead?
    “We all knew that at the end there would be a small climb, then Vino is gone in the lead because we knew that the favourites would also seek this opportunity to save time, so in these cases, Vino runned because he has the legs for it.”

    Astana Communication Department

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