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    Right now I'm at Frankfurt airport, on my way back from Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan (just if someone hasn't realized by now ;-)). I was there with three other European riders from the team, as well as our main sports director and a couple of other staff and Kazakh team members. We were there to represent the team and to be guests at the track world cup, held in the new impressive velodrom which was finished only last year. It was also great to finally get to see the city and country which I represent as I train and race throughout the world.We were very well looked after, having a great time despite the fact that this trip was in the middle of our vacation.

    Astana is a booming city, having been the capital of Kazakhstan only a little over ten years. Lots of modern buildings dominate the city, alot of them with quite daring and almost bragging architecture. Even the velodrome is shaped as a time trial helmet! There are lots of impressions to be digested, things that just differed from Europe. But things that make the country so interesting. I also hope to come back some time in the summer, when the weather is mild and the trees are green. Now, the temperatures were low (about -10), the wind was icy cold and most trees were without any leaves or color.

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