Josep Jufré: What a good day!

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    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Hello everybody,

    What a good day!

    Today I slept better than I have so far, I got up at 8:30 when my body had gotten all the rest it wanted, we had a leisurely breakfast and trained a little to strech our legs on the bike for an hour and a half. We left the hotel, and to tell the truth, it was good to get a little fresh air, it was only 23 ° but it was warming up little by little and we finally got to 35°. A good temperature here in Adelaide, since it’s a very dry heat.

    As I said, most of the team went out at 10:00 am. We did a circuit and met back up at the beach in Glenelg, and just as we had previously seen them playing some beach volleyball games, we saw a beach volleyball championship and then we had a good capucchino on one of the terraces.

    Once seated we realized that there were a lot of cyclists—the professonals and a lot of fans who were enjoying the good atmosphere there, too, just like we were. Some of them came up to talk to us and to take photos and ask for autographs. A good place for cyclists to hang out.

    As I say, we’re seeing a lot of cyclists around here. It’s a nice area, peaceful and with good roads for training,  also it’s summer and the weather always cooperates.

    This day before the Tour Down Under was calm like that and it’s really good for balancing out yesterday’s effort and getting ready for the next few days, which are going to be hard, overall because of the temperature, since they say that a heat wave is coming. I’ll let you know.

    Best wishes,

    Josep Jufré Pou

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