Video interview with Jani Brajkovic

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    Video interview with Jani Brajkovic

    Jani Brajkovic [fan site]'s Blog

    "Two stage races are behind me, Paris-Nice and Catalunya. I can't be too satisfied with the GC, though things at Catalunya were a bit better than at Paris-Nice, but it's not what i had wanted for the start of the season. Anyway, the stage win gave me motivation, things are getting better, the shape is improving. I hope to be much more competitive in April.
    I wanted to achieve some nice result in the beginning of the season already, to be calm as the Tour comes closer, but unfortunately things didn't go the way they should. This win at Catalunya is a consolation for the unsuccess, but still I remain optimistic, I do what I can, so I hope results will come soon, too.
    On Sunday, I leave for Pais Vasco, then two more classics - Fleche and Liege. In May, I'm off to Colorado to train there for a month, then the Tour de Slovenie, and before that, Dauphine."

    So, the best Slovene cyclist has fully started the new season, with plenty of challenges. One goal is atop everything: the Tour de France. He is also scheduled to compete in the Olympics in London, and also to be the superstar at the traditional Tour de Slovenie. Talking about the Tour, many remember the bloody end of last years' race. So does Jani.

    "In last years' Tour, I had the shape of my career. I believe I could go for the GC. But it happened as it did, we can't change that. I didn't experience physical pain, I don't remember what was happening. But still the days after the crash were tough, watching the race on TV. Anyway, life goes on. I'm sure there will be other opportunities, and that one day things will fall into place as they should. I still want to perform well at the Tour, I want to go for it, but I want to show something before the Tour too.
    After the first part of the season, you need to take a little rest, and then start preparing for that race 100%. First, come preparations at home, later probably altitude training abroad, and of course one or two stage races before the Tour itself, to get into the racing rhythm.
    Sure there is current champion Evans, I think Wiggins could do very well, Leipheimer, who also changed teams, of course RadioShack with the Schlecks, Klö den and Horner, and a few other good cyclists.
    If I do well at the Tour, I could ride well in the Olympics too. I don't think I could go for the result in the RR, but I can be a good domestique for Božič or Bole, so I hope the Tour will end well for me, and that I can continue doing well at the Olympics.
    The TT... Well, I'd say to get a medal would be very hard as there're Cancellara, Wiggins and Tony Martin, who I think are the greatest favourites by far. Everything depends on how each rider will finish the Tour, how tired he will be, so we'll see."

    Brajkovic doesn't hide the fact that he'll start the greatest and most prestigious race as team leader at Astana this time, and go for top results.

    "Till now, at RadioShack, the old Astana and Discovery, I was team leader if I showed I had the shape for it. I don't see any problem in helping others when i'm not in top shape, and in treturn, these cyclists are going to help me when I'll be in the right position for the highest placings. Astana has high goals at the Tour, meaning I'll be team leader. Given something unexpected happens, we'll be looking for other options, but for now I'm the leader and the team is going to work for me."

    This season is going to be a breakpoint in many ways for the 28-year-old guy from Bela krajina. He'll try to prove that he's a mature all-rounder.

    "I think the greatest mystery is building my shape, getting towards being ready 100%. I think once a cyclist figures that out, everything is easier and he can build his shape for certain races. Unfortunately, I haven't found that out yet, but i hope I'll do so soon."

    In doing so, he counts on the help of team Astana, where he's teammate of Borut Božič this year.

    "I gotta say, the team supports me 100%, they give me everything I wish for. I have nothing to complain about that, and I'm very happy to be on that team. Being on the team with Božič and DS Štangelj, we're having lots of fun. It's nice to communicate in Slovene on a foreign team, and I feel very comfortable, like home."

    The famous Tour and the Olympis aren't the only highlights of the season. Brajkovič will participate in the Tour de Slovenie in June, where he'll be one of the top favourites for the overall victory.

    "I'm not planning to be in 100% shape for the Tour de Slovenie, as it would be too early considering the Tour, but I'll sure want to show a good performance and fight for the top results. We're coming back to that race after a long time, and I'm very glad our team will participate in the race, and that i'll have a chance to race in my place. It would sure be a nice thing sto win the race, but it's not the main goal. I know the Slovene cyclists will be 100% prepared, so it will be very hard to win. On the other hand, there'll be a TT on the last day, which is a very good thing for me. Well, we'll see

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