Interview with Antyshev (vice-president of Kazakh cycling federation), published July 17th 2009

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    -          Good day Alexander Leonidovich! How is it going with cycling team Astana? Is everything fine?

    -          Yes.

    -          Are the financial problems solved? Won’t there be other problems with salaries this season? Can you name the sponsors?

    -          Financial problems and problems with sponsors aren’t solved yet.

    -          What about an American sponsor?

    -          Just talks at the moment

    -          Is there new Cycling Federation president?

    -          At the moment D. Akhmetov is the president of CF.

    -          What would you say about Vinokourov’s statements at the press-conference in Monaco?

    -          He should have been gentler.

    -          What’s your opinion about Mizurov’s statement: no one respects Kazakhs in Astana team. We were treated as people of second chop, dregs of society.

    -          He should’ve been more tactful.

    -          Were there complaints about Bruyneel from Astana riders during these seasons for bad or dismissive treatment

    -          There weren’t any particular complaints

    -          Maybe they’re afraid, they keep something back, because they’re afraid of losing their places in the team or other repressions from Bruyneel’s administration?

    -          I can’t say anything about that. First of all they should take note of their own behavior and work on it!

    -          Alexander Leonidovich, would you personally like to see Bruyneel as Astana’s manager in future?

    -          First you’d better ask Bruyneel if he still has desire to work with us! We don't mind working with him in future – he’s a prominent man...

    -          There’s information on European websites that Bruyneel and Armstrong are leaving Astana by the end of the season – is it true?

    -          Just talks yet. Proskurin will discuss these issues in France soon.

    -          Will Kashechkin be in Astana next year?

    -          If he wishes to be in Astana – we will consider that.

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