Individual race: Contador

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    Only Alberto hadn’t started yet.
    It was his turn of preparation.
    There was something wrong with his bike, which was fixed by a file in order to race faster.

    It was time for warming up.

    If you are interested you can see Contador’s talismans.

    Speeding up.

    Would you like something ?

    No thank you, I’m starting soon.

    He looked like he had warmed up.

    He stretched himself.

    Final touches without the file.

    Alberto is at the start. Oh my God how many people…..


    Let’s go! Photo

    Everybody was waiting Contador would bring two or three minutes to Schleck, but it didn’t happened.
    Flue with high temperature that Alberto had a month before the Tour didn’t let Alberto to be restored for 100 percent.
    On that moment my individual race was over. I didn’t have opportunity to go to finish point, so I saw up the race up to the end at the hotel.
    Only after finish all members of the team relaxed and started to congratulate each other, the Tour was not easy and atmosphere in the team was stressed.
    Racers stayed in Bordeaux to spend night. They went to Paris next morning by speed train.
    As for me and almost all personnel of the team –we had to drive almost 400 km to the next start point.
    To be continued .
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