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    “Sitting on the wheel of our bus” I successfully passed all barriers though my car shouldn’t be allowed to go. This way I entered Paris following the route of racing. I saw la tour Eiffel for the first time in my life.

    I drove under the arch of the last kilometer.

    I walked to finish after parking, it was not easy to describe how many people gathered that day in Paris. And finally there was finish.

    Astana at the head of peloton crossed finish line like a shot for the first time (and it would be crossed not only one time that day).

    Racers started circling over avenue des Champs-Élysées at very high speed.

    A guy with three hands announced everybody about the last circle, he kept a plate with figure 1 in one hand, and was ringing a bell with another hand. Peloton’s speed accelerated as never before.

    Mark Cavendish was two bikes in front of others and that already happened not only one time on this Tour.

    Astana crossed finish line with hoot of winners.

    First congratulations.

    First official congratulations.

    First congratulations from bosom-friends.

    I will not be surprised if Ivanov is racing in Astana’s t-shirt in 2011.-)

    First triumphant interview.

    Rewarding followed then but this action really deserves separate article.
    To be continued.
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