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    There are more and more our fans on the roads of France every year.
    Here are just a few of them I caught on my camera.

    Many of them don’t need to be introduced on our site, names of many I even don’t know.

    Official establishment.

    You still can meet D'Artagnans in France.



    Finish on Tourmalet, fog and crowd of people.

    You can find our students with our flag even on Tourmalet.


    Sweet couple.

    The French are obedient nation, don’t climb a fence, rooting at a distance.

    Mels is at wheel.

    The most faithful fans.

    More fans.

    Guys from Karaganda.



    Les Champs-Élysées.

    VIP seats.

    Our flags were everywhere.

    I could meet our compatriots even next day after racing.

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