Dmitriy Sedoun

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    Today is Dmitriy Sedoun’s turn.

    We have his interview on our site.

    Дмитрий Седун: Я настоящий мужчина!

    I can confirm after my interaction with Dmitriy that he is a real man.
    He is very interesting conversationalist, you can listen to him for hours.
    I can also confirm that the sporting director of the team is jack of all trades, especially such as Dmitriy.
    Examples are on photos.

    Preparation of technical cars to racing.

    Fore-starting negotiations with other teams’ directors.

    He also wishes bon voyage to racers before the start.

    Then he spends the whole day at the wheel.

    On the last day he could afford to be a passenger.

    He holds meeting after meeting in the evening, even during the massage.

    On the day before the individual race, when all enjoyed a meal.

    Dmitriy was not satisfied with information from road book and he drove the individual route for studying the nuances.
    In the morning before the start, he described Vino each turn, from which side and at what speed it is better to pass it.

    He assembled our leader for the battle.

    He is all the time at the phone after the race, solving different organizational issues.

    Kurdyukov haunts him during the race by the same phone.
    Here are some photos of the radio that is operated by the sportive director. There are three radio waves under his vigilant attention: radio of the Tour, communication with other technical cars and communication with racers. Kurdyukov calls him sometime as well. -)

    Now you imagine the feeling of the sportive director of the team winner at the end of the Tour. Besides among the childhood friends.

    Victory was celebrated by real professionals.

    I want to thank Dima for his support and help in the team .
    When I just arrived I couldn’t imagine where I will be sleeping, eating, how my life will be organized. But our guys from the team met and sheltered me, Yura and Dima were like my brothers to me.
    I followed Dima’s car on the way from Bordeaux to Paris, in hotel he invited me to his room to the couch.-)
    Tour was almost over and I confessed that I would have be in many troubles without help of Yura and Dima , Dima replied on that – come on, we don’t leave our guys.
    Thank you guys, I’m really lucky that we have OURS guys in the team.-)

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