Dani Navarro: “I’m the happiest man in the world”

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    Dani Navarro: “I'm the happiest man in the world”

    Photo by Jacinto Vidarte

    Alberto Contador: “I’m almost happier with this win than if it were mine”

    Dani Navarro now achieved the first victory of his career, after six seasons as a professional and so said he was “the happiest man in the world” at the finish line in Grenoble.

    Navarro based his victory in an attack in the final climb of the day, on orders from Alberto Contador. "Yes, we were very well the whole team, but many riders began to attack and Alberto told me and Fofonov that we could go ahead and try it. I was great and I did not think twice. I started to catch riders that gave me more moral. I though I had to pick up the maximum difference because I’m not a great descender and did not want to risk too much”.

    Photo by Jacinto Vidarte

    Alberto, meanwhile, said Dani's victory “shows that the whole team is very strong. Here we come without pressure, working for the Tour and things are going fantastic. “I’m almost happier with this win than if it were mine, Dani deserved it”.

    Dani Navarro said he now expects this victory “will not the last, but for me I have done it already, because this victory has a special value, because winning is always difficult and more being on good teams”.

    Dani was sure to win only in the final two kilometers. “I had very good legs, I was strong, but I had cramps in the descent and 4 km to go, in a left curve, I had a very strong cramp and I thought if I could not pedal, thy were going to catch me, but I have been recovered and I said that I did not care about pain, that I had to go to the finish”.

    Finally, Dani said that tomorrow on the Alpe d'Huez, “although I have not talked to Alberto yet, I think he will test himself and send us to work, I hope we will win another stage”.

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