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    You asked me who was that pretty girl on the photos of the team.

    This is Blandine Roquelet- press attach of Astana team.

    She is the only girl in the team.

    Men of the team respect her, love her, take care and pamper her.

    The work of press attach of the team which is on the fragile shoulders of this girl is not very easy, especially during the Tour. Not even every man can bear a month on wheels, day after day moving from hotel to hotel.

    In my opinion Blandine does her work very well, she feeds fans with information about the team, puts the results of races and press releases of the team.

    Once again I want to thank her for her work done, namely:

    I had a pass of photographer on the Tour which allowed me to be in the zone of start and finish. Moreover, only owners of vests of accredited photographer were allowed to be at the line of finish, and I had such one.

    The pass was also standing out on the windshield of my car, it allowed me to drive everywhere.

    Simply put, this pretty girl managed to unbar the ways where not every journalist was allowed to pass. Once again many thanks and kowtow to Blandine.

    A few words about work of media

    Thousands of journalists revolve around the race, photo, TV and radio- journalists are working for wear.

    The work is in full swing.

    Cameras are clicking, flashes are blinding.

    Interviews are given out here and there.

    Journalists are incessantly babbling live broadcast.

    Sometimes in the most unexpected places.

    Helicopters are whirring overheads.

    Tonnes of equipment are moving from place to place every day.

    Huge tent for 300-400 seats for journalists is set up in the zone of finish where broadcast is on the big screens. Every journalist can find a place here and get in touch with editorial office, drink a cup of coffee.

    And sometimes even sleep.

    You should know this face from broadcastings of Euro Sports channel.

    French voice of the Tour.

    There was one more caste of journalists which had special vests, different from others.

    These journalists were allowed to work in the most inaccessible places. Right on the rout behind finish line.

    They were also allowed to be almost on the podium.

    May be Blandine will manage to get such vest for me next time.-))

    I observed the work of this highest caste of photographers.

    The winner of a stage goes out the first to the podium, several dozens of reporters photograph him during awarding.

    The green jersey is awarded the next. At this moment the reporter’s assistant picks up the memory card with footage and runs to the press center where the pictures are sent to the Editor.

    Thus at the time of awarding of the pea jersey photos of stage winner are already edited for publication.

    And at the time of awarding of the white jersey photos of the stage winner are already published on any website.

    And so with each subsequent rewarded. That is 15 minutes maximum after rewarding the team of reporters publishes photos for public viewing.

    I think we need to introduce this into practice on Astanafans as well.-)

    Alexander Gordeyev

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