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    Compiled from multiple Kazakh/Russian interviews and sources

    Date of Birth: February 22, 1981
    Family: Married to Sevil for 3 years, son Alan, 2 years old
    Car: Mitsubishi Evolution 9 sports car
    Favorite dish: Grilled zucchini with garlic
    Ideal evening: Carry out with friends

    Favorite city: Astana
    Movie: Number One Enemy of the State
    Music: Hip hop, hits from Russian underground radio. Lots of drums and bass

    Books: A complete collection of the works of Chingiz Aitmatova, Shakespeare
    Tattoos: Alan on wrist in honor of his son. B for Baza on neck. Celtic sun on shoulder, symbol of the beginning of life.
    Superstitious? No. "I don't believe in scattered salt and black cats."
    Forgive a betrayal? No
    Country he dreams to visit: Malaysia
    Cycling season residence: Monaco
    Last time he cried: When his son Alan was born

    Do you visit often in Kazakhstan?

    At least every six months. Basically, in Astana. I'm very Tselinograd. My wife also comes to me. The last time was two months ago with our son Alan who turned 11 months old. Of course I miss them much. But this is cycling.

    So you did not move your family to Europe?

    Actually, I have no plans to stay there to live. The nature and conditions of Nice and the French Riviera are beautiful. Everyone wants to stay there. But I am a very patriotic person. I am drawn to my home province. I don't know, I can't even imagine myself in Europe. Once the career is over, I will return to Kazakhstan. 100% certain.

    What are your plans then?

    It is not thought out. All of this will depend on how much I earn. Perhaps I will do some business. I would remain in cycling if there are interesting proposals, an official.

    When does a cyclist's career end?

    Well, it's different for all. Here is Sasha Vinokurov, now 37 years old. He still plans to return to the professional sport, and not just go back, but to achieve something. There is no need for me to leave while I am still strong.

    How did you meet your wife?

    Random. I had a vacation when I rode for the national team. This was in October, the fifteenth as far as I remember. I was driving around the city with friends and accidentally saw this girl at the intersection where we turned. And I got to know her. She is astanchanka too, as I am.

    Do you want your son to follow in the footsteps of his father and chose the career of cyclist?

    It is very difficult to be in cycling. I believe that it is better to play football. (laughs)

    In addition to cycling what sports do you like? Of what team are you a fan?

    Well, I'm not a fan, not a fan. Our team has a masseur Yuriy Kulishkin - former boxer. You can include any sports channel or a broadcast of any activities such as tennis, and he will tell, and comment on it all: the scores, who wins, the statistics, etc. Or in boxing: those who are trained, who has held all of the titles. He lives for sports. One fan of the word. Before Team Astana he worked at «Kapeke». He was paid pennies and worked on pure enthusiasm because he likes to travel with us for the charged atmosphere of competition. I am in this regard, a little far from sports. I like watching swimming competition at both short and long distances. I watch the major sporting events: the World Cup, Olympics. I love entertainment and interesting events in the world of sports.

    Do you have any idols in sports?

    When I made the first steps in cycling, my idol was Marco Pantani. At the time I was confronted with many famous European racers. On TV, they are one thing, and in life another. What is ... (pause to think) money-hungry or something ... Well, I don't know ... Another mentality in general. Now, just on a human level, I respect Vinokurov.

    Are your friends also athletes?

    My friends have nothing to do with sports; it is childhood friends with whom I have maintained warm relations. In life, I have one real true friend. We met at the university. I would like to be friends with Sasha Vinokurov ... but our age difference. He is more like a brother.

    Does Sasha Vinokurov support you?

    Of course, very much so. He was helpful in many ways because he had long been settled, he had a connection, ties. In the first year, when Max Iglinskiy and I moved to Nice, he helped to find housing, open bank accounts, fussing with us. He gives council. Sasha is a person who always helps and supports. He does not have the stardom illness.

    And do you notice such a "disease" in yourself?

    How would it be? I do not consider myself a celebrity. No, of course I am pleased with Kazakhstanis attitude of affection. I am flattered that am well known. But I think that the star illness is far from me.

    What you would do if it were not for cycling?

    Difficult to guess. Prior to cycling, I engaged in many sports and did not work. I came into cycling, started to win and immediately decided to become a professional. But I have a university degree in tourism.

    Which is cycling for you - more a job, a way to earn money, or a favorite activity?

    This is a favorite kind of work in the first place. It like it much more than to sit in an office. I cannot imagine myself working somewhere with a spade, or in the office. Although, if I did not ride professionally I probably would have been poking at the keyboard.

    And in your free time?

    In Europe, there is even more free time. And so I have 5 days I did not sit on a bike. I feel that weight gain. I have a general problem - weight dial goes up fast. I don't even eat. Rather, it is transmitted from the mother.

    Not eat?

    Well. Oat pap for breakfast, sometimes lunch. If you eat normally, then a week later 5 kg gained. Now I weigh 65 kg, and in winter increased to 70.

    What is in your refrigerator?

    I have a profile. It is necessary to comply with a diet and my refrigerator is half empty. I wish there was a lot of ice cream.

    What are your desireable character traits?

    Generally, I hold such a rule that everything will happen for the better. I try to be optimistic. I do not have a habit to complain.

    What qualities must a top-level racing cyclist have?

    This is not tennis or volleyball, where the equipment is needed; here mainly endurance and talent are needed. After all, not everyone can ride the Giro for 22 days of 200 km. If you're really talented, with a competent training approach you can achieve much. Perhaps the most important quality is an overbearing talent. Then there must be commitment. You need to sacrifice your free time.

    By the way, rumor is that you comprehend the fate of not doing this?

    Yes, I was not disciplined in the team. For a time I skipped training sessions, probably because there was no incentive. I now realize it is your job. And if you will not strive hard, you will stay without a contract.

    The success of Team Astana has increased young people's interest in cycling. There is a kind of boom because they have an example.

    This is certainly a pleasure. Now the development of cycling in Kazakhstan is much faster than before. When I started there was nothing. We went to races at our own expense, bought the tickets ourselves. When I started with coach Kochetkov, we collected old bicycle parts, improvised materials. Cleaned, painted the frame ... the possibilities were very small. Now broad prospects have opened up for young riders. The technical equipment situation is much better than before. And the state is paying attention to cycling.

    I originally had the goal that I would be a professional, just as I started training with Kochetkova. I did not vary from that goal even with many people saying it was unrealistic. And, frankly speaking, it is very difficult to find a ProTour racing contract. There are a lot of European riders and each team, whether Italian or French, tries to attract its own. In 2005 I had six victories. My best was the Tour de Lavenir - the 'Tour de France' for young riders. I finished it third and took the green jersey for best sprinter. Five days later I raced Cup of Belgium and finished third there, too. No team offered me a contract, although they sometimes ran behind guys with just one stage win and made an offer. They told me I was not needed because I was a foreigner. It is still hard to fight against a European school.

    Max Iglinskiy was a protected leader on the Milram team, although he was a foreigner. No one forced him to haul water and food for others; he was not saddled with the work of a gregario. If he said he was ready for a race, the whole team worked for him. He's a good rider who can "go" for the win at certain races. In Team Astana [2009] with many leaders, he cannot realize himself.

    Whom would you name as promising riders in Kazakhstan?

    Sasha Dyachenko, Junior Iglinskiy - Valentin.

    There are many young talents. The championships in Kazakhstan involved many promising young people. What would you say to them?

    My advice: be responsible for training and strive for the goal. The most tenacious will be rewarded. When I started, we had 60 riders. Of these, only two turned professional -Maxim Iglinskiy and myself. But I want to say that all of you can if you wish. The point is to believe in yourself. And again I repeat - there are many opportunities to break into professional sport, and even for the smallest athlete there can be big ambitions.

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