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    Banquet was in honour of winners.

    All team members and guests gathered in the appointed place in the evening of July 25.
    I received personal invitation.
    Invitee photographer was presented at ceremonial part of banquet, he photographed a dozen of official pictures.
    I was the only photographer who photographed the rest of pictures, so that was very special and exclusive report for Astana fans.
    It was pompous hall of a restaurant with bicentennial history, in three minutes walking from Musée du Louvre.

    Official establishment, team’s friends and racers’ admirers were among guests.


    And admirers again.

    Valentin Rekhert personally took care of Contador.

    So all were assembled.
    Kairat Kelimbetov gave a speech about successful project “Astana” and thanked racers for victory on the Tour.

    Photo for memory.

    I also used the opportunity to photograph.

    It is the brain of Astana team- right and left cerebral hemisphere.

    Everybody was invited for dinner.

    There were dainty dishes, French wine and good mood, everybody raised their glasses to victory.

    Contador was given permission to speak. A glass was raised to victory again.

    Alberto thanked all team members and every racer separately for their support. He clinked glasses with cycling sport’s admirers.

    He said special thankful words for Vino.

    Contador was pressed with jokes and with offer to sign a contract immediately.

    Contador found the way to laugh off.

    You already know the end of story about signing the contract.
    The dinner was over in very good atmosphere and everybody wandered off in Paris.

    My reporting from Tour de France 2010 is over.
    But I don’t say goodbye to you, I have something more to share with.
    Exclusively for
    Sponsored by
    Alexander Gordeyev

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