Alexander Vinokourov’s interview

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    Alexander Vinokourov: "Today was the first quiet day since the beginning of the Giro, the team has benefited of the work of the sprinters and it’s another day in pink!"

    You said that tomorrow's stage looked like a Liège-Bastogne-Liège, so do you think you could win it?

    "It's hard to say, perhaps, but we can not predict, it is a stage of 262km. The team will try to control the race, but a step in that distance is not the same. I do not know the route, but I think it looks a bit like Tirreno-Adriatico. "

    Do you consider the fact of not knowing the course as a disability, do you regret?

    "No, I'm like that, and if you have the legs, you have the legs, it was the same for Liege Bastogne Liege had made no recognition either, but I think that the legs that make the difference".

    We approach the Dolomites, and on this ground you do not know what you are worth face to riders like Evans and Basso so do you count on the fatigue of your opponents while the race progress to keep the advantage?

    "We started the Giro at high sped, under an inclement weather and there are three or four riders remaining who could still win the Giro, but we'll see how it goes during the mountain stages."

    You were not afraid of losing your energy for the rest with the effort you have provided while you remained in the lead during yesterday's stage?

    "The stage was quite nervous yesterday, but my main rivals have lost as much energy as me, running behind us"

    It seems that your main rival Cadel Evans is the one you fear most?

    “No, he’s not the only one, there is also Basso, who won the Giro in 2006 and Nibali too, even though he was here to help Basso, I think he has a chance to win."

    On the Tour de France, you will be alongside Alberto Contador to bring him to victory, what are your expectations?

    "For me the Tour it’s 100% for Alberto, I am here to bring my experience and he works really very hard. He is actually preparing himself quietly and with a good atmosphere in the team! "

    Then, finally at age 36, does the Giro would be your last chance to win a Grand Tour?

    "Yes, it might be one of the last occasions, but on the other hand, my friends tell me that with my 5 years older, I'm five times stronger, both physically and mentally."

    Arrived at half the Giro in 2010, what are your thoughts on this race both sports on the reception by the Italians in the pink jersey?

    "I was told that it was a quiet race, but I don’t agree, since the start it has never been easy, I even found it harder than the Tour of France! Otherwise, I am impressed by the atmosphere here at the Giro. This is the first time I run for this race and I had often heard about it. It's amazing all that passion around the riders and the pink jersey. There is a respect for this jersey that you can’t imagine when you have never worn it. I have this chance for a few days to live these great moments of my career. For sure, Italy is a land of bicycles, with many stories about champions. I hope that on my turn I’ll leave a small trace of my passage. With the pink jersey but also the way I run. The tifosi love it, I realize it every day on the edge of the road. I didn’t think I could be as proud to wear the pink jersey. I feel a lot of responsibility on my shoulders".

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