Alexander Gordeyev: TT training

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    In the morning, while racers had a breakfast and were going to practice, technical staff were preparing everything for it.

    Everyone has gone to check the route of team’s time trial today.
    I was in the car with Dmitriy Sedun.

    It was about 70-80 km to the start point.
    We parked on the roadside just before the start point, saddled horses (time trial bikes) and went ahead.

    The operator of EuroSport lives and works in the team, this man always gets in my frame, and doesn’t give me easy to photograph. 🙂

    We grasped the route not immediately and had to stray for a while, but as soon as we set the course, we told the direction to the racers.

    Racers passed slowly the first circle of time trial and were learning curves.

    Cameraman not only confused me in the frame but also distracted the driver.

    Short stop after the first lap.

    Racers changed usual helmets on tt helmets.

    The second lap racers passed already at full steam, ahead of not only fans but also rivals.

    Dmitry heeded my pleas toward the end of training and drove into oncoming way. I had about 3 minutes prior to the first counter machine, now you can see what came out of it.

    Training is over, drove about 50 km.

    They checked the route once again.

    I try not to disturb anyone and be inconspicuous, but sometimes racers are thinking of me - again this man with his camera. 🙂

    Racers wanted to go to the hotel after the tt under its own power, but the traffic and the road did not suit and they decided to go back by bus.

    After the practice everyone went to have a rest.

    Alexander Vinokurov is also has to be at a press conference today.

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