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    I prepared the report but it was impossible to be efficient due to terrible connection in the hotel. …

    Presentation of the teams took place in 90 kilometers from the hotel, the racers were delivered there by bus, we got there by car.

    Racers rode on the bikes one more kilometer from the bus

    The presentation was held at the stadium, decorated as a gladiatorial arena .

    Presentation of teams was on shift with the show, and everything blended together.

    Each racer was represented separately.

    Each team was led out to the center in different ways, one team was on chariot, another one was under arrest, one was rescued from the dungeon.

    Astana team was convoyed with some welders . 🙂

    A woman gave command to go.

    The team come out on stage to thunderous applause.

    Representation of each racer.

    Sportive directors were also represented , they discussed their further actions even over there.

    Two of our leaders were interviewed later.

    Finally racers were given for the lacerate to the reporters.

    Everyone went to the hotel after the presentation except for Vinokourov , Kreuziger and sports directors who went to see the latest 15 kilometers of the first stage.
    That's all for today, tomorrow is a day off.

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