Alexander Gordeyev on Tour de France: stage 19

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    Hi all!

    I’m completely behind of schedule, my photo report is late and I’m very sorry but I couldn’t stand pace.
    To follow the team, take pictures, after that to select and process photos is the task for the whole editorial staff.
    So please don’t be angry with me.

    So the individual race.
    It is decisive day as today the Tour’s result will be clear and we will know if yellow T-shirt will stay with Contador.
    Start is at the same place where finish was yesterday.
    Hotel is only 6 km from the start, that is why racers were delivered to the start one by one, one hour and a half before the start.
    Bikes for individual race were prepared overnight.

    Teams disposed buses, arranged awnings, set up cycling machines.
    Racers started warming up.

    Andrei Grivko is on the cycling machine.

    Max Iglinskiy tuned in the bus.

    Spaniards moved up.

    I decided to walk in the city. Bordeaux is very beautiful and cosy city. It was double interesting to walk as the beginning of individual route crossed the city. Look to the left- there are remarkable sights, look to the right- there is individual race.

    Our racers appeared on the route.

    This way I was walking and turning my head at the same time.

    This old man is applauding the racers on the Tour, probably in 60th or 70th time.

    Passions on the route run high, time of leaders’ start was approaching.

    Organizers arranged show around the race.

    One more technical car of Astana approached to the start.

    The technical car is equipped with spare bikes for Vino and ready for battle.
    To be continued.

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