Alexander Gordeyev: Dreams come true

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    Hello dear Team Astana fans!

    We’ve already met on this site but I probably should introduce myself once again.

    My name is Alexander Gordeyev.

    I’m a fan of Astana team and big fan of Alexander Vinokurov for many years.
    Photography is also one of my passions.
    You can see here some of my photos.

    And you can meet my photos now on the site of Astana fans.

    I had a dream deep in my sole to visit Tour, to root for Vino with my own eyes but not from the TV screen, to plunge into the real atmosphere of the Tour and it’s events. But I couldn’t even dream about making photos of the team and Vino on the Tour.

    But fortunately dreams come true especially when you eager and work for it. And in the beginning of the June when almost just a short time left before the Tour the events started to develop so quickly so I couldn’t believe in what happened and still can’t.

    KazDuCo company generously agreed to be the sponsor of my trip, the logo of this company you can find on the main page of the site.

    I had further a long train of serious negotiations with masters of our site Kamila, Alik and Alexei, with leaders of Federation Rekhert and Antyshev, with team personnel Yuri Kulishkin and Blandine Roquelet. Each of them made some efforts and assisted in making my dream true.

    As the result I have a ticket in my pocket Almaty- Toulouse with departure date July 21. Shengen Visa stands out in my passport and accreditation of photo reporter is awaiting for me in cycling team Astana.
    I’m packing my backpack and getting ready my photo equipment.

    I will attend the last 4 stages of the Tour and will try to make photos of inside life of the Astana team.
    There are hundreds of professional journalists and photographers on the Tour, many articles and photos can be easily found in the net, but we get just a little piece of information about real life of Astana team on our site. This gave me the idea for my trip. The idea was supported and developed. There are many good and responsive people inside and around of the team.

    I would like to thank once again Kamila, Alik, Alexey, Kazakhstan Federation of cycle racing, Yuri and Blandin and of course the sponsor KazDuCo company which covered all my transportation expenses and assisted in getting visa.

    All ideas, whishes and instructions are welcomed from Astana fans. Please let me know what secluded corner you would like to visit through my camera’s lens, what you would like to ask your idols about.
    I promise to do my best and bring a lot of interesting photos and stories from the Tour.

    Kind regards,
    Alexander Gordeyev.

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    Hi from Texas! I am so excited for Alexander and that your dream is coming true! My best to your lovely wife, and keep in touch!
    How do you protect your camera, and lenses, keep it handy, and bike at the same time? Smile What lenses do you like to use most for this
    subject,ie the tour?

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    Thanks Joanie,
    Probably most useful lense will be EF 100-400 4,5-5,6L

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    Congratulations on realizing your dream — it is brilliant. One thing i would like very much to see are images of the team’s communications system, specifically the riders’ race radios and wiring harnesses w/ mic/earpiece. If you could take some photos of that it would be brilliant!

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