Alberto Contador’s online store is working already

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    Photo by Jacinto Vidarte

    The website of Alberto Contador today opened its online store, a space in which fans of Pinto’s champion will find various items for sale and merchandising related to their idol, since different models of T-shirts to the famous cap that Alberto always used to get on a podium.
    The creation and launch of this online store is closely related to Alberto Contador Foundation, dedicated to supporting research on brain stroke and the promotion of cycling among children and cycling in general. Alberto Contador Foundation, which also is in the begining, will be partially suported by this online store as part of their profits will be devoted to the sponsorship of the activities of the Foundation.
    Alberto Contador is especially pleased with the launch of this initiative as it responds to strong demand of its fans to be able to purchase any product related to the winner of the Triple Crown, but also by the altruism of the project, as purchases fans will also conduct a special purpose, of fighting cerebral stroke disease and help promote cycling as a sport and cycling as a healthy transport.
    “I really wanted to see the store working. It was a difficult task, but especially motivated us that many people wondered when we were going to open. Especially motivates me to see that the Foundation Alberto Contador finally begins to walk and that very soon we will be working on the promotion of cycling and help in the fight against cerebral ictus, a disease that the sufferer needs much support and where we can still do much in terms of care, treatment and research. I hope to provide a bit to these goals with my work and that the fund raising of the online store will also help as much as possible”.
    In this first phase, the online store will offer podium caps and t-shirts to fans as star products, but in the next few days the supply will increase with a limited series of 30 original Tour 2009 yellow jerseys signed by Alberto Contador, as well as the official equipment of the Foundation Alberto Contador and Astana team.

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