Alberto Contador: “What worries me is the hit in the leg”

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    Alberto Contador in Paris-Nice:

    “What worries me is the hit in the leg”

    The second stage of Paris-Nice was a tough test for Alberto Contador, who suffered a fall in the last 3 km in which he got a big hit in the left thigh. What worries me is the hit in the leg. It’s very touched and that I'm still hot. I hope to continue in the race tomorrow”, he said shortly after crossing the finish line.
    “It was just tenths of a second”, said Contador. “I was on the left riding relatively normally when someone was hooked and pull me to the left. I've completely broken the front wheel and I've given a good hit”.
    Quickly Stangeld gave Alberto his bike and tried to get the bunch. The fall came very near to the last 3 km and at the finish, the judges said that the fall had already happen into the the distance, so that while Contador was able to catch on their own, anyway he was given the time group, which came 17 seconds behind the winner.
    Contador complained about the heavy blow. “The problem is the blow to the muscle, which is what may affect my performance but I hope to start tomorrow”. About de gap, he said it was "a pity to stay behind, especially for my team, because all day we've been in the front and we have been very attentive the whole day”.
    Alberto Contador now expected to “analyze the situation in the overall, but the truth is I do not care about those 17 seconds that has caught the front group, but the consequences of the fall. It would have been better not to lost time, but more important is to see how I recover”.


    (Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).

    Jacinto Vidarte
    Jefe de Prensa / Press Officer

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