Alberto Contador: “To continue on race is assured”

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    Alberto Contador in Paris-Nice

    “To continue on race is assured”
    Alberto Contador managed to finish today an especially difficult because he had to overcome the consequences of yesterday's crash, which left him quite touched his left leg. After the 200 miles between Contres and Limoges, the balance is positive, because the danger of being lost is gone. “To continue in the race is assured”, confirmed Alberto from the Astana hotel.

    “The day has been more or less as expected”, said Contador. “I knew it would be a difficult day in which he was not going to pedal either by the blow, but as I've been heating up ever better pedal”.
    Still, however, does not feel at ease. “I could not bring my natural pedaling”, he said, “but I could save a long day and now I have to work with the ‘masseur’ to see if in two or three days I can be perfect”.
    Alberto said he has already passed the risk of abandonment. “I think so, I not go home, because today was the most important test. I've also been able to finish and I could be ahead, so that I’ll continue on the race is assured”.
    Contador takes this race as a training for the Tour, because of its hardness. “We are doing very high speed average and there is great tension throughout the entire stage. We must be alert at all times, so it's like a training session ahead of July's Tour”.
    Finally, Alberto said that, until now, “the rider who I think is the strongest is Jens Voigt. While many are going well, he is on who I paid more attention”, he said.
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    Jacinto Vidarte
    Jefe de Prensa / Press Officer

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