Alberto Contador: «This position favors me for the last time trial»

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    Alberto Contador showed up today to his rival and race leader that is not so easy to convince him that he is the man that have to take the initiative when not needed. The psychological war between the two riders reached its climax in the ascent to Ax 3 Domaines, where Alberto said he is not willing to do the work of others. "This position favors me for the last time trial", he said, referring to its position in the overall standings.

    "We watched eachother, while the others went ahead, but this is only the first Pyrenean stage", said Alberto. "Once we saw they were going too far away we have agreed, because at the end they could take so much time".

    Referring to the potential danger of riders like Samuel Sanchez and Menchov, said that always "we are concerned that they caught time, but it hasn't been too much. This pass is quite easy for doing it on the wheel and attacks were fairly predictable. It was hard to let people ... and maybe I have not had my best day", said ironic.

    "Vino and all the team have done a magnificent job, but it was a relatively easy pass to go on the wheeland that's the reason the differences are much smaller than in other climbs" he said about today's result, which was an evident psychological war with Andy Schleck. "Yes, it was a battle between him and me until we saw that we had to collaborate among us for not to leave too much the others. We both are watching eachother, but last time trial favors me. With respect to Andy there are others who are very strong, as Menchov and Samuel, which go well on time trial and can be dangerous for him".

    Alberto said that Andy and he are "fairly equal" and maybe all will be played at the arrival of the Tourmalet. "It is clear that this stage will be very important, but there are still other two before where many things can happen", he warned.

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    Jacinto Vidarte
    Jefe de Prensa / Press Officer

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