Alberto Contador: “My performance in Liege is unknown”

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    Alberto Contador Press Conference before Liege

    “My performance in Liege is unknown”

    Photo Jacinto Vidarte

    Alberto Contador did today with his Astana teammates the recognition of the last 80 km of the Liege-Bastogne-Liege route, on a sunny day and spring temperatures, between 15 and 20 degrees. After training, Contador hold a press conference before the race where he gave his impressions of this great Classic.
    What do you expect about your performance next Sunday?
    I do not know, is a bit unknown. My aim is to gain experience, because to try to win here requires more experience and know better more the course. I'm uncertain.
    What do you think about to be competitive here and then also in the Tour?

    I see it good. That riders like Evans, Nibali or Schleck brothers are here is good. For me it is the first time that I included these races in my program and I am also aware that the outcome of this classic is totally different from what would later happen in July.
    How important is the result for you?
    Of course, I'm always happy when I'm ahead, but these results do not influence at all in my preparation and performance that may have in July. It is the same to be third or finish 30.
    What will you do after the classic until the Tour?
    Planning is not done yet, but mostly I will rely on stages and recognized stages of the Alps and Pyrenees, as well as running Dauphiné and do the last set-up in the Sierra de Madrid.
    Is it a problem for you the 260 km of Liege?
    It is true that for many riders there is a barrier after 220 km, but that depends on the day you have, etc. I think more on the problems of allergy, because these days it’s announced a best weather that in the Fleche and that can be more difficult for me.

    Photo Jacinto Vidarte

    To what are you allergic?
    To the pollen, it’s a spring  allergy. During the month of July I have no problems.
    After the third place in the Fleche, do you want to go back and try to win a classic like the bigest riders from the past?
    Yes, of course. In the future I’ll try to come back to winning some of these classics, because they are very important races, with much history and everybody likes to win. If my calendar is compatible, I would go back at hundred percent form.
    You've won three stage races this year. In relation to the Tour, in what percentage of form are you now?
    I do not like to talk about percentages and don’t know exactly, but it is true that at the Tour will arrive with an optimal preparation and I hope that my level will be higher than today.
    Have you recognized the stage of the pavé?
    Not yet. We will go next Tuesday to see and try new material.
    Is the same as Cancellara?
    Yes, the same, although the legs are different (laught)
    Are you afraid of this stage, some people say it may be your only weakness?
    It is a stage which people speaks a lot and I have respect, I know it will be complicated, difficult, we have to be one hundred percent concentrated and will be very stressful, but I do not lose me sleep.

    Photo Jacinto Vidarte

    The team is going very well, does that give you confidence?
    That always helps. The team is working perfectly, are focused on the Tour and also on other races like these. Of course, that always gives you more confidence and helps you to prepare better.
    On the one hand, it seems that there is a big difference from your situation in the team last year, it gives you more confidence? And, moreover, Cancellara said that he will take the Schleck brothers in the back and it will do much harm to the climbers, what do you think?
    Of course, I’m a lot calmer than last year and, about Cancellara, if he takes in his back the Schleck brothers, I think that it is large enough to put myself also there.
    Evans has said it is possible to try to win the Giro and the Tour in the same year. What do you think you'd like to try?
    Yes, sure with a good preparation you can ride both with a chance of winning. In the future I think I’ll try to do Giro and Tour or maybe Tour and Vuelta.
    A question about Armstrong. You were together in the Criterium, what impression caused on you, did you speaks eachother?
    The impression was the same as any other rider of the bunch and no, we do not talk because we do not stay togheter at any time.
    You will ride Liege with Vinokourov, who already has won this race. What do you think to have him with you, have you spoken to him?
    No, He comes tonight, but Vino is in very good form after winning the Trentino. I have really wanted to ride with him and also we have two options, which is good for both.
    If you have a chance to win, how do you would like to come, alone or with others?
    If I can choice, I prefer to come alone. With riders like Valverde and Cunego, which are faster, it would be more difficult, but with climbers like Igor Antón or Andy Schleck, perhaps would have more chance.
    Have you seen Gilbert winning the Amstel Gilbert on television, is him a favorite for Liege?
    I cannot see it because I was still running Castilla y Leon, but he is certainly a very clear favorite to win Liège, because he runs at home, is set to 200 percent and bases much of his season on this week. He is a clear favorite.
    You have been the youngest winner of the big three, why your interest on win Fleche or Liege?
    Because these races have a great prestige. On stage races I have enough wins, but never won at the classics. In addition, pressure from the press (laughs) puch me to be here ... These races have a special charm.
    You're the number one and especially this year, almost where you go, you win. How do you feel when you do not, as in the Fleche?
    I feel totally normal, because it is usual not to win, to win always is the not normal. They where just 70 meters in Fleche and when you're so close you like to take it, but I know how difficult is to win any race so, in these cases, I'm just as happy in the hotel as I’m when I won.
    Have you seen the course of the Dauphiné, is also an objective at only three weeks before the Tour?
    I've seen a bit and I know that we’ll climb Alpe D'Huez, but Dauphiné is a race that always I do very calm and this year will be equal. There I’ll think on the Tour and I will not speed up my preparation to win the Dauphiné.
    What is the new design that's in your hat?
    It's my new logo, which simulates the hand that shot to celebrate the victories. From now it will be linked to me on the bike, shoes ... everything.
    What is the most difficult climb of Liège, which will decide the race?
    You never know. In these races sometimes attacks are far away and others are closely, but the more difficult climb seems the Roche aux Faucons, where Andy Schleck attacked in 2009. It is the most demanding after 240 miles in the legs. If the selection has not been done before, will be there.

    (Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).

    Jacinto Vidarte
    Jefe de Prensa / Press Officer


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