Alberto Contador: «It’s a very important victory for team’s morale»

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    Alberto Contador: "It’s a very important victory for team’s morale"

    Photo by Jacinto Vidarte

    Alberto Contador managed to score the second fastest time of the final time trial of the Tour of Algarve, just 13 seconds behind stage winner Luis Leon Sanchez, which earned him the overall victory in the final with full credit on each nearest rivals, Tiago Machado and Levi Leipheimer, who even lost his third podium place.

    Despite having suffered continual setbacks due to the last minute ban to use his new TT bike and be required to prepare urgently a obsolete frame in order to contest the race, Alberto Contador proved that it is a rider that grows against adversity and, thanks to the speed of reaction from Specialized and his mechanics, could solve the difficult ballot to be raised in his season debut.

    But Contador wanted to highlight, above all, the merit of his team, which at the first opportunity of the year shows that it’s at the lever of its leader. Alberto said after the stage that “has been a very important victory for team morale”, referring to the fine work of his team mates. “This race has a very great importance, especially for my team because it has done an excellent work throughout the tour. We had to take responsibility knowing that other riders that were more covered could win the race, but every one have left the skin. They finished very tired but we are very happy”, reiterated the leader of Astana.

    Contador said he was “very happy because the result has been very good. I had my doubts, especially yesterday, when I tested the bike and I had really bad feelings. This morning we made some adjustments and went a little better but still had my doubts. Especially when I stand up on pedals, the bike was very different, but I felt very good and at the end result was good and I could keep the jersey”.

    As for the meaning of this victory for him, said he did not know “if it would get, because I was OK, but did not know how I was to respect other riders who came more trained. I'm very happy because this always gives confidence, especially to my team”. In conclusion, he referred to the next race, Paris-Nice, where he will “continue working towards the Tour. I hope to get good shape, but other riders and other teams are also very interested in this race. I'll go and do the best I can”, he said.
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    Jacinto Vidarte
    Jefe de Prensa / Press Officer

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