Alberto Contador in the Dauphiné Libéré

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    "My fitness level is not the most right to dispute the Dauphiné "

    Alberto Contador will start the Dauphiné Libéré tomorrow, the race that he used over the past two years as a set-up for the Tour de France. This season he announces that he comes with the same intention, as he is “still building the bases for the Tour. Every day I have better feelings, but the physical level is not the best to compete in the Dauphiné”.

    Contador said in a Press Conference today that he is “more relaxed than usual, because my plan is to take the race as in the previous two years”, but also recognizes that he will do some tests, especially in the time trial.

    Photo by Jacinto Vidarte

    The course of this year offers a long time trial and two hilly finishes, do you plan any test during the race?

    Yes I want to try, especially on time trial. I have a new bike, Fortunately Specialized considered all my requests, but we have little time and I could just train it. So I want to do it in the Dauphiné, but considering my physical condition and that the bike is new, I do not think is the most appropriate to await results. In the mountains, of course, I will go more relaxed.

    What's new on this bike?

    It's quite different, smaller, because before it was a little big for me. It is more compact and I can take better advantage when pedaling standing up, because I am a rider who makes many rhythm changes.

    Is this Dauphiné a good opportunity to put the race in your palmares?

    I would like to win it, but this race requires a huge effort for me and for the team and that can be paid in the Tour.

    Will you take the opportunity if you have it?

    If the situation is very good I’ll try, but with my physical condition I do not think that opportunity comes easily. So I prefer a more relaxed approach to the race.

    Why did you choose the Dauphiné and not the Tour of Switzerland?

    Because in recent years it has given me very good result. The Dauphiné is a bit further away from the Tour and that allows to change a little my preparation if it's necessary, leaving more room for maneuver.

    Have you looked at the entry list, who are your favorites?

    I have not yet seen the list, but I know that Samuel Sanchez is in a good form and Menchov can also be a good candidate, but there are many favorites that still do not know.

    You have done some tests in the wind tunnel, what conclusions did you get about your position?

    They have been material tests rather than position, just to test clothing, helmets and shoes, always thinking on the Tour.

    Have you changed your position on the bike or just only made minor adjustments?

    It is practically the same position as last year but since I have a new bike I have yet to work hard, especially when adjusting the handlebar.

    Is Alpe D'Huez arrival a special motivation for you?

    No, I face it in a similar way to the other stages, but certainly it is a legendary climb that everyone knows and I want to climb it, but perhaps it is not the most ideal for me right now. It will be hard to win there.

    Do you think the 2010 Tour is more difficult than that of 2009, due to the pavé, the hardness of the Pyrenees, etc?

    Tour will be very difficult in the sense that the first week is especially complicated. The Alps are not very hard, but in the Pyrenees there is enough space to shake things up. I expect a difficult and moved Tour, but a priori I like it better than 2009.

    After the victory of Basso in the Giro and Armstrong falling in California, does it change the hierarchy towards the Tour?

    I don’t believe so much in hierarchies, but it is clear that Basso is a great rider and even if he had not won the Giro, he would have been a clear candidate to win. Lance has fallen in California, but he is a rider who knows himself very well, has a big experience and knows how to come at 100% to the Tour.

    At the Giro there have been big differences in the fisrt days, is it also possible in the Tour?

    Yes, it is, but the Giro is a different race to the Tour, it is a crazier race, less controlled, while in the Tour all the teams are very solid and are 100% focused.

    In Italy they say that next year you will ride the Giro, is it true?

    It's a possibility, but I'm not 100% sure. The Giro is a beautiful race and that I have special affection, because in 2008 I felt like at home, but I can not say for sure that I’ll be there next year.

    Have you been surprised by the level of Vinokourov in the Giro?

    No, Vino is a great champion, he is a hard and a very resistant rider. I knew he would be far ahead, despite the team we brought to the Giro was not planning to fight for the general classification.

    What is your opinion about the Valverde case?

    These things can not be so delayed in time, this is a bad sign for cycling to have to wait for so long, about 6 years to take a decision. Should be thinking about how to take such decisions without going so long.

    What program have you planned for the end of the season?

    The only competition planned before the Tour is the Dauphiné. I have to decide to do the Spanish time trial championship if I need to perfect the bike, but only after the Tour I’ll think on the final part of the season.

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