Alberto Contador: «I’m happy with the result»

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    Alberto Contador: "I'm happy with the result" 

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    Alberto Contador finished the Criterium International with an excellent second place in the final time trial, only 2 seconds behind the winner, David Millar, who won a great victory, while Fedrigo confirmed his yellow jersey against rivals just as qualified as Cadel Evans and Samuel Sanchez, who failed to snatch the win. 

    Alberto Contador said that today the problem with allergy "was different, being a short and explosive effort. The day has been better. It is true that costs a little more that raise the pulse, but I'm happy with my time trial”, he said referring to Saturday and his soufrance because today he regained his level. 

    About the final winner, Fedrigo, he said that yesterday was "very strong. He started and nobody could follow him. It's a good winner”. About himself, he  admitted that today "I wanted to do it well, to fight for victory and at the end it has been a very short time. That means that what I have suffered was an allergy problem. Today I'm happy, considering the muscle pain that always leaves you a day like this. You always like to win, sure, but Millar is very competitive”, said recognizing his merit. 

    Contador also responded to a question about his 17 seconds ahead of Armstrong, although he would not give it much importance. "I don’t know yet other times. 17 seconds is enough, but neither should we give more importance”. And he said the best of this weekend, in his opinion, "has been the team, who has done a terrific job. If I would have a good day yesterday, the tactic would have gone perfectly. I'm very happy with my teammates. Furthermore, we refine the time trialbike, we're going to evolve it gradually and, finally, both legs and my preparation, are perfect", he said.

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