Alberto Contador: “I come with the intention
of improve my form and compete for the race”

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    Alberto Contador has offered this afternoon a press conference prior to the Criterium International and having recognized the course of Sunday's time trial, after rising yesterday the L'Ospedale pass, where ends tomorrow's stage. Contador has said he is running on the Criterium “to improve my form and compete for the race”.

    Photo by Jacinto Vidarte

    - What have you done since your arrival in Corsica?
    - Yesterday when I arrived just went to see the climb of the Ospedale. It was amazing, because at first it was a very good weather, but in the top there was much fog, rain and cold. This morning I went to see Sunday’s time trial.

    - Have you come to the Criterium with the intention to send a message to Lance Armstrong?
    - No, I wanted to send not message at all. I came here because I think it's the best for my preparation.

    - When you changed your schedule was due to fatigue after Paris-Nice or because you thought you were going to be in three races with Armstrong?
    - I changed the schedule by many factors, first of all because my preparation for the Tour is now unbeatable, I have good results and should not be punished so much. Paris-Nice was hard and Catalonia were 7 days on a course not very suitable to my characteristics. The Criterium, however, are only 2 days and on a good course for me. Then I decided to go to Castilla y Leon because it is closer to the classics and I’ll go there well trained, but I go there mainly to take experience.

    - In the Tour you were alone in your press conferences, but here you are with your manager. What has changed?
    - Many things. That Yvon is here means his support and this of the whole team. All riders work with the same goal of being well in July, but also thinking of previous races. This is a symptom of the motivation that we all have.

    Photo by Jacinto Vidarte

    - You say you want to go to take experience on the classics, but you have already won the big three. Does that mean you have the ambition to add one of these races to your palmares, your goal is not only the Tour?
    - Yes, in the future I'd like to win a classic, but today there are more skilled riders than me and also is a time of the year not very good for me because it's allergy season. But it is certainly a big motivation for the future to try and win a classic.

    - Are you coming to the Criterium with intention of winning, what do you thought about the L'Ospedale climb?
    - I come with the intention of improving my form and dispute the race, but there are very strong opponents and very important riders that are just as interested as me in the victory. About the course, I've seen this morning the time trial and I had a good impression. The climb, however, is not very hard, but we will arrive after a tough stage and there will be not to much power.

    - How much advantage would you like to have before the the time trial, a lot, a little,...?
    - If is just to ask, a lot, of course, but the differences will be small tomorrow, although any advantage will mark the race a lot.

    - How is your relationship with Vinokourov and what it means to be here on the same team?
    - Vino is a very important rider and ride with him here also motivates me. He is very important and also to compete together. Of course, my relationship with him is excellent.

    - You mention Evans among the favorites but not Arsmtrong. Is it just another rider here, he do not worries you?
    - I mentioned Evans because he is very strong right now after doing a great Tirreno. There are other very strong riders, but in the case of Lance I think now there are others above his level.

    - Are you not worried being on the best form before the Tour?
    - No, at the Tour I will arrive far better than I am now.

    Photo by Jacinto Vidarte

    (Question for Yvon Sanquer)

    - What are the most dangerous rivals and which differences may be in L'Ospedale?
    - I agree with Alberto about Evans is one of the strongest because it comes from doing a great Tirreno and is a good race for him. About the differences tomorrow morning is hard to quantify, but if the race is fast, there will be good differences. Moreover, the time trial is good for Alberto and there he can also play his cards.

    - Some have said that you can win the race with one leg, how do you respond to that?
    - No, I do not agree at all. That is to put a little more pressure on me and less to rivals. There are very strong opponents and win is always very difficult and the result of training and sacrifice. There are a large group of favorites that can win the race.

    - What is your motivation to win races now?
    - I like it right where I compete. When I train and sacrifice myself is thinking to do a race Like you have to do it and every time I compete I like being at a high level. There are times you can win, like this year, and others not, but I always like to reach a high level and be in the fight. To train for going to a race without a good level not motivates me.

    - Does the Criterium International will be a game or a task for you?
    - It's a very demanding competition and will be good to keep my rhythm and my motivation. It is not a game, because every time I'm on the bike, I’m concentrate only on what I do.

    By Jacinto Vidarte
    Jefe de Prensa / Press Officer

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