Alberto Contador: «I am very excited about this project»

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    Almost two weeks after the end of the Tour de France, Alberto Contador can make an initial analysis of the race and, especially, start thinking about the future because of his recent agreement with Bjarne Riis, that guarantees stability for the next two seasons. "I'm very excited", says the rider, "I think it was the best choice, because I come to a team with a definite philosophy, a good way to work and give me the tranquility that I have not had in recent years. I am happy and eager to begin this project".

    What did said Riis to you, what convinced you to join his team?

    Several things, but no doubt the seriousness it requires and its philosophy of work have been primary reasons. That will allow me to be more relaxed, as well as his great experience, always ahead of teams with the best riders and very powerful, allowing you to face all objectives.

    What are your goals for the next two seasons?

    It is still early to know the calendar, but I have in mind to do two big tours next year. I do not know exactly which, but I have to start changing a little bit the training system and perhaps start the year more relaxed.

    Riis said that you want to win the big three in one year, what about it?

    Of course it's a dream, but I don't know if impossible. I think I you can ride the big three at a good level, but from there to win them there is much difference. You have to go little by little, I realize that it is practically impossible, though perhaps in the future ... It's a dream. Everyone has dreams and this is mine.

    Riis has been your harder rival the last two years with Andy Schleck in the Tour, what are the benefits of this union?

    We have already discussed about this and I think the two wins. I have managed to win in the last two years after a hard fight and now I can convey my feelings, while he can tell me the weaknesses of Andy. It will be a good union.

    How do you see the team next year?

    I see it with great optimism. The base is a very solid team, riders have an incredible quality and I really want to start the first concentration. We will get on perfectly. For my part I will try to incorporate Benjamin Noval, Dani Navarro and Jesus Hernandez, but I also hope that the team is strengthened with new signings.

    How do you approach the last part of the season with Astana?

    We have to speak about, but I have very clear that I am still an Astana rider and I owe this team. My season is already more than accomplished, but we still have to think about it, besides attending various commitments with sponsors, because our relationship is still perfect and I'm very grateful to Astana, although the best decision was to move.

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