Alberto Contador: «At the end there was great danger» (+audio)

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    Alberto Contador passed today the quieter day so far on this Tour, with a short stage in which the wind did not blow, perhaps the only danger to be expected. "If it would be windy the day would have been completely different, but we were lucky?, said Alberto.
    "However, we have always been near the head because we knew that any change of direction would do that some teams try to attack, like RadioShack".

    The last few kilometers of the stage have been the worst, as often happens when a sprint finish. "At the end there has been much danger of fall, especially in the last five kilometers, which had nine roundabouts. We have to be well placed because if there is a cut you lost time, but you also know that if you are in the fall for going well placed some times this is almost worse", said Contador. "Often you don't know where to go, but today, at least we have recovered strength in the first part of the stage. Things are going better, and I start to think little by little at the weekend", he said referring to the arrival at the Alps.

    Contador was not surprised to see the RadioShack most of the day ahead. "It's a team that always has a strong presence in the race and is always ahead. Especially today, but my team is very focused because we know that these days are even more important to us that the mountains. We are alert to any hint of fan to be there".

    Tomorrow this day can be repeat, but everything "depends on the wind. If so, it will be more dangerous, but I hope we will have a day like today", Alberto said before to encourage the Spanish soccer team. "I wish they fight with everything they can to try to win. The other day Germany played in an incredible way, but in Spain we have more than enough quality to beat them. I don't lose the game in my hotel".
    Contador 7-7-10

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