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Hi Astanafans

Does anybody visit the Official Team Astana site?
If I want Astana news I come here to Astanafans.  Astana.lu has not listed the Tour team yet.  It is very slow with updates. hmm


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I visit just to compare some information smile And what surprise, that they send us news the first, but don't post it on the official site.


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Hi kamila

Thank you for your reply.  I must congratulate you and your colleagues on such a great site cool
Contador's website and also contadornotebook are also very informative, it is a shame that the Team website is not so well maintained.

BTW who is the gentleman in your avatar picture?


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Hi Lexi,

Thank you for congratulation and kindness! If you want, we appeal to Blandine, member of Communication Department  smile

My avatar: Stéphane Lambiel http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St%C3%A9phane_Lambiel - Swiss figure skater. Unfortunately, he finished his professional career, and I couldn't catch his best years. His last competition was Vancouver Olympic Games-2010.
He is handsome young man, isn't it?  smile


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It would be good if the Offical site had a link to Astanafans?  So fans know where they can send good wishes to the team.

Also I agree Stéphane is very handsome wink


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gongratulation el pistolero
vamos vamos
amlberto big_smile


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[quote = Lexi ] Il serait bon que le site officiel a un lien vers Astanafans ? Ainsi, les fans savent où ils peuvent envoyer vœux à l'équipe .

Aussi je suis d'accord Stéphane est très beau ; ) [/ quote]
tres bonne initiative
ce serais bien